AACC International Rebranding Update

Nearly one year ago, our Board of Directors saw the need for AACC International to stay relevant with the current environment in the face of an ever-changing global landscape. The ultimate goal was to revitalize the brand, and name for our organization so that we might position ourselves for continued growth and stability in the future.

The board sought to better understand not only those involved in cereal grain science, but also to be inclusive with respect to all our current and future member’s vast professional and academic backgrounds in the grain foods industry.

An outside agency was utilized for advanced research on comparable organizations in the competitive landscape, a survey was sent, and interviews conducted with members to better understand what brand might best describe who we are as an organization.

Last month, the Board convened at headquarters in St. Paul and unanimously approved a new name for the organization that will be sent to membership for a vote.

We are very excited about possibilities the future holds, and as we continue to reach out and promote our cause, our new name will cease to be a mere word and become a strong brand, attracting the best and brightest people globally from the broad disciplines uniquely associated with the cereal grain sciences.

Keep an eye on your emails in the coming weeks for greater details surrounding the rationale for this decision and don’t forget to vote!

Laura M. Hansen

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