Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Donate Directly to a Specific Funds

AACC International General Endowment Fund

The AACC International general endowment supports annual programming that may not be covered by existing funds. Programs include Annual Meeting Student Travel Awards, reduced registration rates for students at our AACCI Annual Meetings, new programs which support students and early career professionals, the Best Student Research Paper Competition, and more. Funds donated to the General Endowment will be used to support the programs below and are considered temporarily restricted.

For Undergraduate Students

Learn more about our scholarships
  • Tate & Lyle Fund – Supports an annual undergraduate scholarship.
  • Kraft Fund – Supports an annual undergraduate scholarship.

For Graduate Students

Learn more about our fellowships
  • Charles Becker Endowment – Supports annual graduate student fellowships.
  • Kellogg Fund – Supports a yearly graduate fellowship.

For Early Career Professionals


Your contribution may be tax deductible. AACCI is a 501(c)(3) organization,
qualified to accept tax deductible contributions during donor lifetime or
bequests by will. Consult your tax adviser on how the current law applies to you.


Types of Donations

  • Cash/Check/Credit Card - deductible from your taxable income in the year they are donated.
  • Securities - Gifts of securities are deductible at current market value. Donating appreciated securities avoids capital gains tax on the difference between the price you paid for the security and the market value at the time of the donation. Securities can be donated by mail, through your broker or by hand delivery to AACCl.

Deferred Donations

Life Insurance - By paying a small annual premium you can assure a large future gift by donating life insurance. Options include:

  • Purchasing a policy and making the Foundation the irrevocable owner and beneficiary.
  • Changing the primary beneficiary on an existing policy to name the Foundation to receive all or a portion of the proceeds.
  • Adding the Foundation as a contingent beneficiary, where the Foundation receives a gift if your primary and secondary beneficiaries don't survive you.
  • Assigning annual dividends from policies to the Foundation; the value of the dividends would be tax deductible.

Bequests - Leave a Legacy - A bequest, or special gift made by will, is a popular form of charitable donation. Bequests to a tax-exempt recipient, such as the Foundation, are not subject to estate tax and can reduce the tax liability for your heirs. You should consult with your attorney or financial advisor before including such provisions in your will.

How Your Organization Can Give

Donations to General Scholarship Endowment Fund

Contributions may be one time or pledged over a period of years. The aim is to provide a capital fund, from which the investment earnings are available for undergraduate scholarships and/or graduate fellowships each year.

Permanent Endowment or Annual Contribution of a Scholarship or Fellowship

Contributors may endow a scholarship or fellowship permanently by a one-time contribution of $20,000 per $1,000 to be awarded annually, with identity of the donor acknowledged each time an annual award is made.

Other contributions for a specific purpose may be one-time or pledged, but for the identity of the donor to be publicly acknowledged, each must be of a sufficient amount to provide at least one scholarship or fellowship for at least one year.

Awards must be at least $1,000 with higher amounts preferred, especially for graduate fellowships, which represent the major need.


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